Building Local Champions

Erin enjoyed the Harvest Pack events that were brought to her church’s youth group. She found them to be a fun way to give back. Once she learned Harvest Pack events were occurring elsewhere too, she was determined to bring them to her school, Simley High School.

With Harvest Pack, Erin learned of the impact food insecurity had on the students in her school alone. “I never realized the amount of kids in my school, in my backyard, that need help.” With this new information, Erin became even more driven to coordinate a Harvest Pack event.

Erin’s determination and leadership gave Simley students the opportunity to pack thousands of meals, some of which were donated directly to Simley. Knowing that her own peers were taking these meals home, Erin got a firsthand look at the difference she could make. “It changed my outlook on everything.” Erin continued to partner with us through the end of her senior year. Thanks to Erin's example, another student has followed in her footsteps to continue to bring our events to Simley.

Our partnerships with schools and students like Erin foster leadership and spread awareness. Harvest Pack is all about putting healthy food on every table, but we recognize that it can’t be done without community engagement. Every connection we make is building opportunities for people to continue to do good and tackle food insecurity beyond our meal packing shifts.

Harvest Pack is a dedicated nonprofit that goes beyond one-off solutions. Our dedication makes it easy for us to put 90% of our event funding right back into our mission.

Consider Harvest Pack when making your 2019 contributions. With your help, we can continue putting healthy food on every table and building the local champions that every community needs.

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