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Volunteer Agreement and Liability Release


Harvest Pack values the health and wellness of everyone in our community and strives to follow CDC best practices for transmission reduction of Covid-19, flu, and other illnesses that could impact community health. We are also required to follow FDA guidelines for safe food preparation.

Therefore we ask all volunteers to agree to the following terms and conditions while volunteering:

Community health best practices, which may include*:

  • Health screening of all volunteers (see below)   

  • Regular hand washing/sanitation before, during and after volunteer shift

  • Appropriate distancing between individual volunteers/family units, as needed

  • Face masks, if required by Host Site or in situations recommended by CDC Covid19-guidelines

        * See for complete details of our safety guidelines

Health Screening – I attest that the following information is true:

  • I am not currently showing signs of flu, COVID-19 virus, or gastrointestinal illness (including cough, congestion or runny nose, sore throat, fatigue, fever or chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea).

  • I am not awaiting COVID-19 test results/have not received a positive test result in the past 10 days. 

  • To my knowledge, I have not been exposed to the virus within the past 10 days (in close contact with anyone who received a positive test).

Risk acknowledgement and Release of Liability 

I acknowledge the risks of being exposed to COVID-19 while volunteering with Harvest Pack and its partners, and the ensuing health complications it may cause. I am choosing of my own free will to volunteer with Harvest Pack and its partner agencies. I hereby release and forever discharge Harvest Pack and its representatives, officers, agents, and employees of and from all actions, claims or demands for injuries, damages or loss resulting from my volunteering. I recognize that if I am uncomfortable with any of the conditions of the activity, I am encouraged to excuse myself from volunteering. 


Additional Acknowledgements

  • The undersigned volunteer/parent guardian understands that volunteering may involve the use of tools, working inside or outside buildings, working in a variety of weather conditions, standing and walking on uneven terrain, performing work that may be repetitive, or require lifting, sitting, stooping and/or stretching.

  • In connection with the undersigned volunteer’s involvement in activities undertaken for and with the participation and support of Harvest Pack, a non-profit charitable organization, the undersigned volunteer/parent guardian hereby agrees for themselves, their heirs, assigns, employees, volunteers, executors and administrators to release and discharge Harvest Pack, its officers and directors, employees, agents, all partner agencies, and volunteers from all claims, demands and actions for injuries sustained to them, their heirs, assigns, employees, volunteers, executors and administrators as a result of the undersigned volunteer’s involvement in such activities.

  • The undersigned volunteer/parent guardian agrees to release and hold Harvest Pack, its officers and directors, employees, agents, all partner agencies, and volunteers harmless from any cause or action, claim or suit arising there from.

  • The undersigned volunteer/parent guardian hereby attests that his or her attendance and involvement in such activities is voluntary and that they will receive no compensation for the work that is performed; that they are participating at their own risk; and that they have read the foregoing terms and conditions of this release. The undersigned volunteer further agrees that they are solely responsible for any and all causes of action, claims or suit arising from participation in the aforementioned volunteer event, including but not limited to their conduct and/or actions while volunteering.

  • The undersigned volunteer waives his or her right to privacy of the information which has been voluntarily provided in this form, and agrees to the use of their photograph and video for the publicity and public relations purposes of Harvest Pack and its partner agencies. Harvest Pack will always ask permission before taking close-up photos of volunteers.

Harvest Pack does not sell or share your contact information. The above information is collected for internal use only.

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