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Event Guidelines

Harvest Pack is offering CDC-guided meal packing events for companies and groups that want to provide meals during the pandemic. Learn more about our Covid-19 safety guidelines here.

Harvest Pack is happy to help you plan your event, every step of the way.

As you begin planning, you will first need to consider the size of your event. To do so, evaluate your community regarding the following:

Where you will hold your event. For example:

  • large conference room

  • school gym

  • fellowship hall

How many volunteers you will recruit.

How you will cover the cost of your event. A few options include:​

  • Corporate or organizational sponsorship

  • Fundraising

  • A small donation made by each volunteer​

Logistical Guidelines:

  • Event sponsors are responsible for supplying a safe and clean physical packing space large enough to accommodate the event and all volunteers.

  • Event sponsors are responsible for the cost of the meals: A few coins per meal covers all ingredients, supplies, shipping, and overhead.

  • Harvest Pack does have minimum requirements, based on location. For details on these requirements, contact our Events Director at

  • Events must be scheduled at least six weeks in advance.

  • Funds must be received by Harvest Pack at least 30 days prior to the event.

  • We recommend a portion of all meals packaged be donated domestically (within the U.S.) Currently we have meals shipping to Haiti and the Philippines. If a sponsor has no preference, meals produced during the event will be returned to the Harvest Pack warehouse to await shipment to one of our recipient organizations.


Click here to host an event.

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