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Volunteer and Leadership Opportunities

Harvest Pack knows our mission is a big one. That's why we're dedicated to getting as many people to help us as possible. We are constantly working to create opportunities for people looking to do good in their communities. We also think it's important that people know how they can create volunteer opportunities themselves. 

Using Your Connections

Harvest Pack understands that people can look at creating volunteer opportunities as a huge task but it doesn't have to be. If Harvest Pack's mission is something you want to get behind, start with getting the word out.  Most people have connections to specific schools, organizations, or companies, and we bet you do, too. These places are always looking for ways to give back to the community. Let your connections know about our meal packing events. A phone call or even a simple email can kickstart the process. Make sure you let your friends and family know, as well. While I'm sure you would know a lot of the same people, they can certainly introduce you to someone new that can make an event a reality.

High School Scholarship ​Program

In 2018, we started our scholarship program that gives high school students the chance to demonstrate leadership and dedication to our mission. Any high school student that is able to successfully organize and fundraise a 30,000-meal meal packing event will receive $500.

In fact, we'll award them $500 for every 30,000 meals packed. So, a 60,000-meal event will earn the student $1,000 and so on. This is a great chance for students to earn money while doing good for the world.

Elementary School Leadership Program

After starting our high school scholarship opportunity, we decided to create a way for elementary school kids to be involved. This program looks to partner with elementary schools and encourage their students to lead their families in making small changes that save money. The extra money saved will be used to fundraise for a meal packing event at the school. The goal of this program is to give younger students the awareness they need to do some good in the world and be the best leaders they can be.


If you would like further information on how to get involved in these programs, email us at

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