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In The News

See our mission in action.

Spring Valley Community packs 25,000 meals
 February 10, 2024

Ferrum College packs 25,000 meals
 January 16, 2023

Porter-Gaud packs 25,000 meals
August 25, 2023


"Youth thrive on connection. When you offer them opportunities to give back, they show up in record numbers!"

Kristin Samuelian

“People have such a good time — young people, old people together on an assembly line, working together packing these meals,” 

Brad Flemming

"They’re fortified with extra nutrients. So, it’s a great way for our community members who may be struggling with food insecurity to start their day with a nutritious meal,"

Porter-Gaud’s Director of Community Service Gretchen Tate 

“One of the things I like about this is it builds communities in a church", Father James Lyon

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