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Annual Reports

Harvest Pack has been able to accomplish some wonderful things. Through partnerships with other organizations and corporations in communities throughout the United States, our meal packing events help us get our meals where they’re needed the most. We've built strong local and international partnerships that have allowed us to deliver these meals across the country and even beyond our borders. Click on a year below to read that year's annual report. Our annual summaries are here for a quick snapshot of some our proudest achievements.



2020 was a year that looked very different from the rest. When the COVID-19 pandemic started, there was a lot of uncertainty around our events. But one thing was for sure - hunger was going to be an even bigger issue this year than ever in our organization's history. So, the question became: How can we feed the community in a way that's both safe and effective?  Following CDC recommendations, we heightened our sanitation processes and implemented physical distancing guidelines. The pandemic allowed us to promote our volunteers to Masked Heroes and they stepped up to the challenge! Thanks to the support of the community, we were able to hold safe meal packs that resulted in 849,762 meals being donated!


2019 was another year of growth and record breaking. With 50 events across 12 states, 8,849 volunteers put 1.4 million meals onto tables locally and internationally. For the first time, we hosted a Friends & Family meal packing event at our warehouse, where our loved ones packed thousands of meals! We continued to expand our zero-waste efforts by adding an educational segment to our events that details food waste. This year, we also increased our staff and board members, which proved to be the best decision in reaching new goals.


2018 was a year filled with fun events and new partnerships with schools and organizations. The success of these events were amazing, with nearly three-fourths of our events surpassing their meal packing goal. In the end, over 1.1 million meals were packed! Our high school scholarship and elementary school leadership programs were also created this year to foster leadership in students. With continued support from our volunteers, partners, and donors, we're excited for the greater things that are to come!


In September of 2017, we reached our #5MillionIn5 milestone. We've distributed 5 million meals in just 5 years. To build a stronger community of sustaining donors, we launched our monthly giving program. While these are accomplishments to be proud of, we know there is more work to do. We're continuing our hard work to finish the year strong so we can keep putting a dent in food insecurity.

We saw an astonishing increase in domestically donated meals in 2016. We donated 381,350 domestic meals, marking a 423% increase from 2015. On top of this, 1,018,650 meals were donated internationally. A grand total of 1,400,000 meals were donated with the help of our partners.

This year marked a 144% increase from the previous year in the number of meals we donated. Thanks to our partnerships and meal packing events, we were able to donate 90,000 meals domestically in 2015. Partners in the Philippines and Haiti received a total of 1,896,048 meals, furthering our global impact. Overall, a grand total of 1,986,048 meals were donated through our work with volunteers and partners.

2014 3.jpg
2014 4.jpg
2014 2.jpg

Another year, another milestone reached. We were able to pack over 800,000 meals thanks to new partnerships and support. We hosted 14 events with some amazing groups and organizations, including Cargill, Choate Rosemary Hall, and Ameriprise.

2013 2.jpg
2013 3.jpg
2013 4.jpg

We experienced some great events and outcomes from the start. In 2013, we got 8 events under our belt and managed to pack over 250,000 meals for hunger. Target and Cities97 were amongst the businesses we partnered with this year.

What's Next?

Each year, Harvest Pack continues to strengthen our existing relationships and develop new ones with other organizations. We look to work with more corporations and communities to increase our number of meal packing events and therefore meals served.  Our goal is to continue to raising awareness of food insecurity and increase the community involvement in eliminating hunger. Healthy food on every table!

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