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Our Partners

Rotaries and Lions Clubs

Harvest Pack proudly partners with any organization or group where our mission goes hand in hand with their work. Rotaries and Lions Clubs, along with other service organizations, are dedicated to advancing goodwill and peace around the world through service. This goes perfectly with our goal of bringing healthy food to every table. The clubs we've worked with include:


How We Meet the Rotary Four-Way Test

When rotaries do their work, they must ensure that what they're doing passes the four-way test, the moral code used for personal and business relationships. Here's how working with us passes the test:


Food insecurity is a very real problem in communities across the world and we work hard to help impact it. Harvest Pack holds the Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar, demonstrating our dedication to transparency and accountability for our work.


We give volunteers the awareness that is needed for them to understand what we're working toward. Our work helps people get the access they deserve to the food they need.

Goodwill & Better Friendships

Working together for a greater cause creates unity and closeness. Helping feed others who struggle to help themselves is the finest example of goodwill.


Volunteers get the opportunity to do something meaningful and fun. The recipients receive the nutritious food they need.

Our Agency Partners

We partner with local social service organizations and food shelves to ensure that our meals get distributed to those who need it most. Harvest Pack has a special focus on feeding hungry children through weekend food backpack programs, which go to school aged children eligible for free/reduced price lunch.

Through these organizations, Harvest Pack’s work has been able to reach far beyond our headquarters in Saint Paul.


Every Meal
Every Meal focuses on the food gaps when children aren’t able to receive free and reduced meal programs through their school. Harvest Pack’s nutritious oatmeal is a staple in their weekend meal bags, providing students with a hot, healthy breakfast. Students in preschool through 12th grade receive these bags, as children of all ages are entitled to proper nutrition. Every Meal provides weekend and other food gap programs to children across 500 locations and counting. Clearly, the demand is high and the impact is even greater, with 91% of parents saying these weekend bags have helped prepare their kids for school.

Community Emergency Services

CES has made our oatmeal a fundamental part of their grocery home delivery service. About 300 homebound seniors have food delivered to them through this program each day. Harvest Pack is honored to provide a nourishing breakfast option to those who are homebound and living below the poverty line.

VEAP is a basic needs organization that offers a variety of services for those in need, including healthy food options. We partner with VEAP as another way of getting our nutritious meals to the right communities. 

Dorothy Day Center (Catholic Charities)
Thanks to hardworking volunteers from UnitedHealth Group, Harvest Pack was able to provide The Dorothy Day Center with a substantial amount of meals in both 2015 and 2016.

International Care Ministries
International Care Ministries has been an amazing partner in helping share our meals beyond our borders. Our international rice and soy meals have been provided alongside ICM’s economic sustainability work in the Philippines.


Children's Health Ministries
Children's Health Ministries fights to eliminate preventable infant and child deaths and restore hope to impoverished Haitian families by providing top quality pediatric healthcare and nutrition services. Harvest Pack is honored to be part of their mission, in partnership with the Forada Lions and dozens of packaging partners in the Alexandria, MN area.

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