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What is Meal Packing?


Meal-packing events are an incredible way for your organization to highlight your community, generate positive energy, and foster pride in working together for the benefit of others. These are energetic, fun-filled, and deeply moving events that anyone of any age can do. Whether you're a corporation, faith-based organization, or school, our events are the perfect team-building activity. Watch any one of our videos below to see how different organizations get in on the action.

Faith-based organizations:



We come to your location, lead all the setup and teardown, and provide staff to run the event. Most events are a few hours in length but can be tailored to your schedule. Each packaging shift includes an educational session, packaging orientation, and a few hours of packaging together. During an event, a group of about 50 volunteers can package 20,000 meals in about two hours.
That's a lot of meals! When people get together and make that kind of a difference in the world, they can't help but feel good. It's a fun time for everyone and it can impact our world in huge ways. Community, church, school, and sports groups can team up to fight hunger in ways that help others immensely.

When you host an event, you can be sure that the people receiving these meals will benefit from having complex nutrition provided by a simple, well-balanced meal made just for them. We take pride in the research we have done to make sure that our meals are providing the best nutrition possible at an affordable cost so that your efforts will help as many people as possible.

All you need is to raise a few coins per meal. Where else can you make this kind of impact in the world? It's a fun way to get involved in helping to solve hunger.

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