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Our Story

William McNally was visiting the small town of San Ignacio, tucked into the jungle of Belize, Central America. One warm evening, the air heavy with tropical humidity, he came across a man playing his trumpet under a dim streetlight, on a broken sidewalk. The two exchanged conversation and it came up that the man hadn't eaten that day. William took the few bills he had in his pocket and gave them to the man, "For playing your trumpet tonight," William said. The man grasped William's shoulder, called him "an angel," immediately packed up his things, and walked down the street. From where he stood, William could see the man stop at a tiny street store and purchase a can of beans, a loaf of bread, and a roll of toilet paper, with the few bills William had offered. "If that's all it takes to be an angel," William thought, "I'm in."  When he returned to the U.S., William began volunteering at local food shelves, and Harvest Pack was born from there. You are invited to step into this story. You are invited to try on your wings and be the "angel" for those who need one.

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