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Our Story

William McNally found himself in the small town of San Ignacio, nestled within the lush jungles of Belize, Central America. One balmy evening, amidst the thick tropical air, he stumbled upon a man playing his trumpet on a worn sidewalk under a dimly lit streetlight. Engaging in conversation, they discovered that the man hadn't eaten all day. Moved by empathy, William offered what little cash he had in his pocket to the man, expressing gratitude for his music. The man, touched by the gesture, thanked William and promptly packed up his belongings, disappearing into the night. From afar, William witnessed the man stop at a humble street vendor, purchasing a can of beans, a loaf of bread, and a roll of toilet paper with the few bills William had offered. Reflecting on the simplicity of kindness, William returned home to the United States, inspired to make a difference. He began volunteering at local food shelves, eventually founding Harvest Pack as a result. This story invites you to join in, embrace the spirit of compassion, and lend a helping hand to those in need, regardless of background or circumstance.

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