Limited access to fresh produce is a major problem within communities suffering from food insecurity. Low-income communities living in food deserts have limited access to fresh and healthy affordable food. Fresh produce is a vital source of nutrients that the body needs and Harvest Pack believes it should be within everyone's reach. That's why we've started our #GrowTheHarvest campaign.

At select future events, volunteers will receive seeds to grow tomato plants from home. Whether you want to grow them in your garden or indoors, we have instructions below on how to yield quality tomatoes. Our ultimate goal is to get these tomatoes donated to food shelves for people who need them the most.

Why Tomatoes?


Tomatoes are grown and eaten by people around the world. Cultures use tomatoes in many diverse ways, making them very useful.


Not only are these red cuties full of flavor, they offer quality nutrients. Vitamin K, Vitamin C, potassium, and folate are all found in tomatoes.

Amazing Growth

With proper care, tomato plants can be very high yielding. Their low-cost seeds can produce many pounds of tomatoes with just a little water, sun, and love.

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Share Your Progress With Us!

Take pictures with your plants as they grow and share them with us on Facebook and Instagram. Post your pictures with the hashtag #growtheharvest so we can see the difference our supporters are making.

Donate To Your Local Food Shelf

Once your plant grows some ripe and ready-to-eat tomatoes, you're ready to donate them to a food shelf in your community.

How To Grow and Harvest Your Tomatoes

Hover over each section for directions.

Seed Saving
Here are some easy tips for growing your plants indoors!

Get my good side.


5 - 10

Start by planting your seeds in a fresh seed-starting potting mixture.

Keep your plants on a window sill and as close to facing south as possible. This will ensure they get maximum amount of sun.

Give your plants an even amount of sun by rotating them every few hours when possible. This ensures all sides get a chance to be in the sun.

Make sure your plants grow in a large enough container. Five gallon to ten gallon containers are perfect for quality growth.

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