COVID-19: Making an Impact

Supporting Harvest Pack during this pandemic can keep food on tables of those experiencing limited income, unemployment, and school closings. Donate today or host a CDC-guided meal pack.

Meals Are Still Getting Packed

Our new CDC-guided distance packing model is allowing volunteers to continue putting healthy meals on tables safely. Take a look at our first distance packing event in Colorado.

COVID-19 is causing daily changes to everyone in the community. Uncertainty is at an all time high. People are dealing with challenges they never expected and others are having their usual challenges magnified. Those in the community that always struggle with food insecurity are struggling even more during this time. 

What's Being Done

Instead of allowing social distancing guidelines to be a roadblock, hunger-relief organizations have developed detours. At Harvest Pack, after distributing the remaining meals remaining in our warehouse from previous events to make sure they are getting to the tables of the local community. Our staff and their families have set up private meal packing shifts to safely put hundreds of meals on many more tables. We are working hard to secure funding to safely feed families as they navigate this pandemic. 

All of this means one thing: we will keep our communities fed. Working together is necessary in a time like this. Healthy food on every table has always been our mission and we have always done it with the help of our neighbors. COVID-19 will not change that.
Distance Pack Infographic.png
How To Help
Consider making a gift to our mission.
Where To Go For Help
There are countless organizations, school districts, and even restaurants dedicating their time and resources to offer free meals in the community. is a great tool to locate food pantries in your area. Children under 18 are able to receive free meals from the school district they live in. Information is changing day by day, so we encourage you to contact locations and school districts for detailed and current information.
We hope that all of you are protecting your health - mental and physical - during this time of uncertainty. We encourage you to help your community by sharing both resources and positivity. As long as we continue to work together, we will get through this together.
-The Harvest Pack Family